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Словарный запас - amosk
Словарный запас
Снова протестировался

На этот раз результат - 7200 слов. В прошлые разы было 6200 и даже 5800.

И все равно есть слова, которые я, хоть убей, никак не могу запомнить:

1 Many of the questions raised pertaining to cultural issues are new.
Correct answer: a) matters

12 The students will perform activities to learn how estimation and measurement is important in the construction industry.
Correct answer: b) dimension

18 The estimates above could therefore represent an under-estimate of the total consumer detriment in the economy.
Correct answer: c) damage 

23 We're seeking to strengthen intellectual property protection.
Correct answer: b) fortify

30 Ours is a field increasingly driven by both rapidly evolving solutions to existing problems and by new interpretations of the nature of the problems we face.
Correct answer: a) results

46 Here it is paired with metallic twill, the latest trend in twill.
Correct answer: d) cloth 
47 These structural changes have also led to a palpable change in attitude towards foreign investment.
Correct answer: c) tangible 
48 This paper is lighted in a way to accentuate the motley color distribution.
Correct answer: c) mixed 
49 Plan to photograph stars along a swath running perpendicular to the Milky Way.
Correct answer: a) strip 
UPD: Следующий тест http://amosk.livejournal.com/719429.html

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